Your Lib Dem candidates for Sutton Coldfield and Erdington local elections – 5 May 2016


Liberal Democrat campaigners are contesting all the Birmingham City Council seats in our area on 5 May. We are also fielding two candidates per ward in the first ever elections for the new Sutton Coldfield parish.

While we believe that party competition is essential to a healthy democracy, we do feel that in the most local of elections, like those for a parish council, there should be room for people who aren't affiliated to a national political party, who are genuinely independent and can speak for the town without restraint. This is why we agreed with other parties (not regrettably the Tories who appear to want to grab all for themselves) to restrict ourselves to standing a maximum of two candidates in each parish ward. We would strongly urge Lib Dem voters to think seriously about awarding their other votes to the Independents for Sutton candidates. They represent the organisation which campaigned for the parish council and without them there would be no parish council at all.

Our lead candidate in Erdington is Ann Holtom who will be contesting Tyburn Ward.

Ann was born and brought up in Erdington, where her parents and grandparents lived. Ann lives in Pype Hayes and was privileged to serve as a local councillor for Tyburn Ward for ten years. Ann is standing on her record of community action. She supports the Friends of the Park group in their fight against any residential building on Pype Hayes Park, has fought for a new railway station serving Castle Vale, petitioned to keep the lollipop wardens, get green waste collections reinstated, campaigned against the explosion of fly-tipping and to keep our local community policing regime. Ann is also a parish candidate in Sutton New Hall where she is standing with her mother Betty Paintain.

JennyThe lead candidate in Sutton Coldfield is Jenny Wilkinson. Jenny is a city and parish candidate in Trinity Ward. Jenny was born and raised in Sutton Coldfield and is now bringing up her own three young boys here. She is a qualified accountant, specialising in fraud investigation, and is a governor at Holland House Infant School and Nursery, as well as being involved in efforts to revive the Sutton Coldfield Carnival. Her own particular interests include providing facilities for children and young people, the protection and use of Sutton's green spaces and supporting local businesses in the town centre.

Our other city candidates:

Erdington Ward - Philip Mills

Kingstanding - Graham Lippiatt

Stockland Green - Frank Aaron

Sutton Four Oaks - Hugh Duffy

Sutton New Hall - Trevor Holtom

Sutton Vesey - Sally Lippiatt

Parish candidates

Sutton Four Oaks - Hugh Duffy and Graham Lippiatt

Sutton New Hall - Ann Holtom and Betty Paintain

Sutton Trinity - Sally Lippiatt and Jenny Wilkinson

Sutton Vesey - Trevor Holtom and Dave Luscombe