You’re better off with Lib Dem Councils – official

Council House

According to a recent survey of the top twenty Council Tax increases carried out by the independent, Local Government Chronicle, twelve councils were Labour run, six were Conservative run (including nearby Lichfield) and the other two were in no overall control. These results come after figures were published showing that no Lib Dem run council in England has raised Council Tax this year.

Tim Farron, the President of the Liberal Democrats has said: "While Labour and the Tories fight over how many of their councils raised Council Tax, it's clear that with the Liberal Democrats your money is safest. This stands in stark contrast to Tory and Labour-run councils which have been racking up the Council Tax in these difficult times. Ordinary working families are struggling with paying bills already without their councils increasing the burden."

The Local Government Chronicle also revealed that Lib Dem councils were more than twice as likely to give the lowest paid workers a pay rise compared to Labour and five times more likely than Conservative run councils.