Will you say Yes to fairer votes? Trevor and Cllr Ann Holtom campaign to stop the scandal of wasted votes.


As Liberal Democrat delegates from Sutton Coldfield and Erdington join others from across Birmingham and the West Midlands in registering for the party conference in Liverpool, two leading local campaigners have begun the fight for fairer votes in our area in support of the national campaign being launched on Saturday by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, actor Art Malik, former Independent MP, Martin Bell and other celebrities.

The current method of electing MPs has delivered a political system which gave us the Iraq War, MPs' expenses scandal and means that millions of votes are wasted in safe seats at every election. Changing the way the voting system works will mean MPs won't be able to ignore people as they have in the past because every vote will count, wherever you live.

Local campaigner Trevor Holtom said: "Changing our outdated and unfair voting system will give power back to the people. The Alternative Vote system means that every vote will count unlike the current system where millions of votes are wasted. All that can change on 5 May next year in the Fairer Votes Referendum. "

Cllr Ann Holtom added: "As Jo Swinson MP has pointed out, fighting for fairer votes will be one of the top priorities for the Liberal Democrats - it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to overhaul our failed electoral system. That's why the first evening of our Party Conference in Liverpool will be a Rally for Fairer Votes, held jointly with the Electoral Reform Society. As Liberal Democrats in Sutton and Erdington we're already putting the case for Fairer Votes for Britain - but the rally promises some fun, glitz and glamour along the way!"

You can follow the campaign for a fairer voting system by visiting www.libdems.org.uk/fairervotes over the next few days. Or you can find out more about the Fairer Votes Referendum. Just visit www.libdems.org.uk/fairervotes.