Why the census is important to you and your family - Cllr Ann Holtom

Census 2011

Cllr Ann Holtom, (Lib Dem Tyburn Ward) is concerned that vulnerable groups and local families in our community may lose out if the current census does not get a wide take-up.

In a statement Cllr Holtom said: On 27th March everyone will be asked to complete a census form which is used to provide details of population trends. From the information provided in the census statisticians are able to analyse trends from which they are able to plan for the effective provision of services we all use and rely upon.

For example if you have children the census helps to identify needs for access to nursery places, providing the appropriate number of school places and play schemes.

The census can highlight trends in the number of journeys made by car, train or bus and assist with the planning of services to meet the local needs. This may involve providing new roads or increasing public transport facilities.

The information you provide can be used to ensure that there are sufficient health care facilities to meet the needs of local communities, to ensure that there are enough doctors, nurses, pharmacists and dentists to serve the local community.

The census can help identify if there is sufficient accommodation of the right type to meet local needs. This will allow councils & developers to provide the right mix of accommodation & decide on the type of accommodation to build (flats, family homes, affordable, sheltered homes etc).

If you are a carer the Census can help identify the needs for the provision of respite care & support along with wider personal long term care options.

Once all the information on the census has been analysed it will allow government & councils to allocate funding to meet the population trends in local communities which is based on the detailed information you have provided.

The information you supply on your census form is therefore important and used to plan services for you and your family. It's not an imposition but a useful tool to ensure that you have balanced services for you and your family.