Who should run our City?

Winning in Brum

Liberal Democrat candidates in the Birmingham City Council elections on 3 May are asking electors to compare the record in office of the Lib Dems and compare it with the record of failure of the last Labour administration.

Birmingham Lib Dems record of success

Since 2004 the Liberal Democrats have worked hard for the City and improved council services. The independent Audit Commission, which monitors local government performance, have said about Birmingham that "This is a council that is improving well." The Lib Dem record in office shows:

  • Lowest council tax of any metropolitan borough
  • Council tax increased by just 1.5% a year on average
  • 1260 new council houses built in the last two years
  • Insulation and solar panels fitted saving tenants on average £684 per year
  • 58% GCSE pass rate in 2011
  • Total recorded crime down, lowest crime rate of any major British city
  • 100 miles of roads and 210 miles of pavements now being resurfaced, 7000 potholes repaired
  • 5 year programme to repair all Birmingham's roads
  • 35% of refuse recycled

Compare this to Labour's record of failure in Birmingham

When Labour last ran the Council the Audit Commission's verdict was, "Birmingham continues to be a weak council." Look at Labour's record.

  • Highest council tax of any metropolitan borough
  • Council tax increased by 5% a year on average
  • NO new council houses built
  • One third of council houses declared as being beyond repair
  • 49% GCSE pass rate in 2004
  • Roads left to fall into disrepair
  • Just 8% of refuse recycled

The Liberal Democrats are on Birmingham City Council are achieving in partnership what Labour failed to do when they ran the Council. We have improved Birmingham's public services since 2004 and we are committed to keep improving our city.