Where is our £1 billion, Mrs May?

Theresa May

In a statement issued today the two lead candidates for the Liberal Democrats in Birmingham Erdington and Sutton Coldfield, Ann Holtom and Jenny Wilkinson are challenging the new government to keep their Referendum promises

They say: "The Leave camp in the Referendum made much of the money we send to Brussels, £350 million a week according to their campaign bus. But between 2007-2013, Birmingham got £640 million back from the EU to help revitalise important attractions like the Town Hall, the ICC and the Hippodrome Theatre, as well as money for community projects all over the area -all significantly important to the city's economy and tourism.

So now we are leaving the EU are the new government, which has promised that "Brexit means Brexit" committed to matching the funding we were going to get back up to 2020? When he was council leader Sir Albert Bore told us that "The post 2014 funding period will potentially see EU investment for Birmingham top £1 billion. "

Now we don't have to send all that British cash to Brussels we need a quick, firm, commitment from the government that they will ensure Birmingham gets at least the same amount of our money as Europe would have repaid us.

So, Mrs May, Mr Johnson, Mrs Leadsom, Mr Fox, Mr Davis - can you assure us we'll get our £1billion back?"