We’re staying Green – if you see the environment as a priority, join us

In a recent review of environmental policy, local Lib Dem campaigner Ann Holtom told local people: "The Conservatives asked us to vote blue in order to go green. But now the Tories and Labour are writing off Green approaches as too expensive in hard times; a distraction from more pressing debates. Labour's promise to temporarily freeze energy bills sounds appealing but energy companies will be bound to hike up prices both before and after any freeze - adding to inflation - and the policy would also be a huge blow to our renewables sector, spooking investors and threatening billions of pounds worth of investment in green energy.

"The Liberal Democrat view is simple: the Government made a commitment to the environment and we must stick with it. We carried through on the economic strategy and deficit reduction, despite calls to abandon it because it is right for the generations that will follow us. And in exactly the same way, for exactly the same reason, we must hold our nerve on the environment too.

There is no doubt about the challenges presented by the changing political climate. The Liberal Democrats are now the only one of the three main parties which sees the environment as a priority".