Want your pension frozen? That’s what Labour say they’ll do if they win the next election.

Ann Holtom, Liberal Democrat campaigner in Tyburn Ward, has warned that Labour are planning to freeze the pensions of ordinary people if they win the next general election. Speaking after Labour shadow Chancellor Ed Balls' interview on the Sunday Politics show when he said Labour would include the state pension in their welfare cap, Ann echoed the words of Danny Alexander MP, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, saying this meant the pension would have been frozen this year.

Mr Alexander had told Parliament that : "Last year, the welfare forecast increased by £2.3 billion; if the pension had been included in the welfare cap, as the Shadow Chancellor suggests, it would have meant freezing the basic state pension this year, not increasing it as planned."

Ann Holtom is calling on the Labour Party councillors for Tyburn Ward to clarify whether they would freeze the basic state pension. Ann said: "In difficult times, Liberal Democrats have stood up for pensioners and guaranteed them decent rises in the basic state pension every year with the pensions triple lock - a policy that we designed in opposition and have delivered in Government. It looks like Labour want to throw this away at the expense of ordinary pensioners. Where do their local councillors stand?"