Vote 2011 - Campaigning for a Cleaner, Greener and Safer Birmingham

Ann and Trevor pledge to carry on their community campaigning in Tyburn Ward

As Liberal Democrats in Sutton Coldfield and Erdignton continue to campaign for their areas in the local elections on 5 May 2011, Trevor Holtom, Lib Dem candidate for Tyburn ward is making his last push for support from local residents. Trevor has been hailed by many residents as Tyburn's local champion. As they recognise in Tyburn, everyone knows someone who has been helped by Trevor Holtom.

Trevor has:

  • given his time and energy to help the community
  • a proven track record of local action
  • a record of hard work to ensure residents' voices are heard
  • great experience in dealing with local issues

Trevor asks Tyburn residents to remember:

  • on 5 May keep it local - it's about who will be the hardest working local councillor for you and your family
  • it's a clear choice between Trevor and the Labour candidate
  • you have never elected a Tory in Tyburn
  • if you vote Conservative you could let Labour in
  • Labour has neglected Tyburn in the past - don't give the the chance to do it again

Trevor and all the Liberal Democrat candidates across our local area and the city of Birmingham are campaigning to make Birmingham safer.

The Liberal Democrats' six key priorities for Birmingham are:

1. Making Birmingham Safer - Working with the Police to further reduce crime and develop community policing

2. Quality Education for All - improving on Birmingham's already above average exam results

3. Provide additional social housing - building new Council houses and bringing empty family houses back into use

4. Improve Birmingham's roads and pavements by 2015 - upgrading roads, pavements and street lights

5. A Cleaner City - rapidly clearing flytipping and graffiti, meeting challenging recycling targets and cracking down on "litter louts" and vandals

6. A Greener City - using insulation and solar panels to reduce home energy bills and generate income for council services

All Liberal Democrat Councillors are committed to serving you, your community and your neighbourhood.