Vale Rail to Moor Street still on track but where's Labour's cash?

Centro train

Moves to bring a rail connection between Castle Vale and Moor Street are being hampered by the Labour government's dithering. That's the claim made by Ann Holtom, Liberal Democrat councillor for Tyburn Ward and now Parliamentary candidate for Birmingham Erdington who several years ago launched a campaign to bring a much needed rail connection between Castle Vale and Birmingham Moor Street, drawing huge support from residents and businesses alike.

Cllr Holtom said: "We've got the site, we've got planning agreement, Centro are ready to go, jobs are waiting, residents are waiting but everything is being held up because the Labour government is dithering about the funding."

She added that: "We all understand that times are difficult but this project would create hundreds of much needed local jobs; it would help local businesses and would reduce congestion on our roads."

Recently, Lib Dem shadow Minister for Transport, Norman Baker MP, visited the proposed site for Castle Vale's station and commented that there was a strong case for re-opening the long abandoned line adding that it was Lib Dem policy to see viable stations and lines re-opened. He said that a station on Castle Vale certainly met a need for residents and businesses.

The proposed line would also include a station at the Fort. Cllr Holtom has previously said that "a new station at the Fort would provide a fast and efficient route for shoppers and workers to the busy Fort Shopping Centre. A rail link would also provide an easy travel option for workers at the new and fully occupied Fort Dunlop building."

Cllr Holtom will be keeping the pressure on the Transport Secretary to get the promised funding.