Under the Coalition the rich are paying more in tax than they did under Labour – Ann Holtom


It is the parrot cry of Labour politicians, local and national, that the Coalition is the rich man's friend. They can't stop telling us how the Coalition is giving their millionaire buddies and ex-school chums, thousands of pounds in tax relief. Don't believe it. It's fantasy. Local Liberal Democrat campaigner Ann Holtom explains why:

Here are some of the measures the Coalition is introducing to make the rich pay more than they did under Labour.

For the first time people flying in business and private jets will be paying the same tax on flying that everyone else pays when we fly on holiday. No more Labour freebies for super-rich jet-setters.

We are also penalising multi-million pound property tax dodgers. It's not a full Mansion Tax that a Lib Dem government would bring in - but it is a step in the right direction. For thirteen years, Labour allowed the very wealthy to avoid paying their fair share. They knew people were dodging stamp duty on multi-million pound homes yet did nothing to prevent it. The Coalition is putting an end to this scandal and from 1 April 2013 those people who used their accountants to evade stamp duty rules, will have to pay up to £140,000 a year.

Yes, the top rate of income tax that Labour cynically raised to 50p in the dying days of their administration is being cut to 45p. But even that means the top rate of tax will be higher in each and every year of the Coalition government than under any full year of the last Labour government.

Our policies mean that the richest will pay more every year of this government than in any year of the last government.

It's Labour who like to keep the rich on their side, not the Coalition.