Travellers on Pype Hayes Park – another Labour failure says Ann


Liberal Democrat campaigner Ann Holtom has criticised local Labour councillors for their failure to act after a group of travellers camped unlawfully on Pype Hayes Park.

Ann said: "This is not the first time travellers have set up camp on Pype Hayes Park . Again they have left a mess to be cleared up, worried residents and stopped people enjoying their local green space. Yet only now, after they have been moved on, does our local Labour councillor Mike Sharpe, say he is entering into discussion with the council about how to prevent this happening again. He and his ineffective fellow Labour councillors in Tyburn Ward should have been doing something about this years ago. There are good examples of the kind of measures which could have been installed all across the city and as close as New Hall Valley Country Park. Action not words is what we need from Cllr Sharpe - but don't hold your breath. "