Tory attack on Ann backfires

Ann & Trev

The Conservative candidate in Tyburn Ward used a paid-for advertisement in the Tyburn Mail to launch an attack on Ann Holtom. Clifton Welch accused Ann of not giving 100% to Tyburn Ward residents and for being "a part time candidate". He has also now featured the same attack in a special election leaflet. The attack has prompted angry responses from local residents who have been contacting Ann to say they remember how hard Ann worked as a local councillor for ten years and how she remains committed to being a strong voice for Tyburn Ward against the out of touch and incompetent Labour council and Clifton's own Tory government which has done so much damage to our area with unfair cut after unfair cut

Ann said: "Clifton seems to think there's something wrong in being a candidate in Tyburn while also seeking to represent New Hall on the new parish council. Clifton maybe doesn't realise but local issues don't just stop being local at the ward boundary. Tyburn and New Hall are right next to each other and many of the problems affecting them are connected, such as the recent traveller issue on Pype Hayes Park. I live in Tyburn but have strong family connections to New Hall. If elected, I would use the wider perspective I would gain from being on both city and parish councils to fight even harder for our area."