Time to hit political reset button says Clegg in New Year message

Nick Clegg

In his New Year message, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has laid down a challenge to other party leaders to tell people what they really believe in, rather than what they think people want to hear.

The Leader of the Liberal Democrats said: "As the countdown to the next General Election finally begins, I have a simple question for the other party leaders: what do you believe, really believe?

"People don't want leading politicians clinging on to power for its own sake, or just telling people what they want to hear. There's got to be more to it than that.

"If we as Leaders want people to turn out to vote at all at the next General Election, we have got to show people our convictions, not just dividing lines, our beliefs, not just soundbites."

You can read the whole of Nick's message at: http://www.libdems.org.uk/latest_news_detail.aspx?title=_Time_to_hit_political_reset_button_says_Clegg_in_New_Year_message&pPK=8e97097d-c1c1-4d02-8017-b3820cac08f0