Tidy up and secure our play area plea from local residents


Renfrew Square Residents Group, Castle Vale, have approached Lib Dem Councillor Ann Holtom for help with securing and tidying up the children's play area in Filton Croft to ensure that it's fit for use by young children.

Cllr Holtom said, "Local residents are concerned that the play area continually gets covered in offensive graffiti and is a recognised meeting place for youths of the area. I am looking to prevent the play area being used as such a meeting point and for other unsavoury and anti social activities".

Cllr Holtom has arranged for the graffiti to be removed and the area to be covered in anti graffiti paint. This will make it easier to remove if it reappears. She has also arranged for the surrounding foliage to be cut back to make the play area more attractive.

This is an issue that the Renfrew Square Resident's Group feel very strongly about, as they feel it would go a long way to reclaiming the play area for the young ones it was designed for.

Cllr Holtom believes the long term solution is to erect a secure fence around the play area which can be locked when the play area is not in use. To this end, quotes are being obtained for this work and Cllr Holtom said she was hopeful that this project can be funded from the Council's locally determined Community Chest fund.

Welcoming the progress made, Cllr Holtom said "I hope that the residents group will successfully bid for the necessary money to make this play area fit for purpose. Once the works are completed it will be a pleasure to visit the play area and see young children enjoying themselves in a play area that is as safe and fun as it was designed to be".