The Lib Dem team say “thank you”

On behalf of the Liberal Democrat candidates in last Thursday's city and parish council elections, our lead campaigners, Ann Holtom in Tyburn Ward and Jenny Wilkinson in Sutton Trinity, wish to say a big "thank you" to all the people who chose to cast their votes for the Lib Dems. These remain challenging times for the Liberal Democrats but nationally the local elections of 2016 showed that the Lib Dem fightback is still on course.

The Lib Dem vote share in council elections was up 4 points on last year and the party has moved back up into third, ahead of Ukip. We made net seat gains in council elections for the first time since 2008. At 44 gains at time of writing, the Lib Dem result is not only better than the Tories (down 46) and Labour (down 23) but also better than Ukip (up 26) and the Greens (no net change). The Liberal Democrats also gained control of an extra council - Watford.

We don't underestimate the job to be done in our own areas but we will fight on for the Liberal policies and values we think this country needs more than ever, personal freedoms, tolerance, diversity, local community spirit and generosity to those in need abroad as well as at home.

Thank you again.