Tenants want their money back!


Trevor Holtom, Tyburn Ward Lib Dem activist, is calling on the Labour government to give back Birmingham's money as part of a local campaign to improve housing conditions and make it easier for tenants to have a say in the way the council housing service is managed.

Birmingham tenants were shocked at the scale of the government's council rents clawback. Last year, 30p in every £1 of rent paid by Birmingham council tenants was taken by the Labour government. That equates to to a staggering £17 million and the figure is rising year on year.

HighwaymanMore shocking is that the money is then given to other councils to improve their properties. Add to this madness the £25 million per a year the government takes from the sale of Birmingham's council houses and the daylight robbery is complete.

Trevor has added his voice to the calls for Brum's money to be returned. He said "Birmingham rent and sales money should be spent improving our tenants' homes."