Tax Cuts Now! No more promises and waffle from Brown.

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg MP, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, today challenged Gordon Brown at Prime Ministers Questions on tax cuts and help for hard working low and middle income earners.

Gordon BrownThe PM has been big on statements and proposals but, as Nick Clegg pointed out, people don't need vague promises and waffle. We need a straight forward tax cut that puts money in people's pockets. That is the Liberal Democrat answer - closing tax loopholes enjoyed by the richest and taxing the worst polluters more. Simple. Costed. Urgently needed - both for our economy and our environment.

Families are facing a difficult winter. Rising mortgage bills, the fear of unemployment and high heating costs mean that the shock-waves of the financial crisis are being felt in households across Britain.

When the banks were in trouble, they got rescued. Millions of families who are finding themselves in trouble must be helped too.

The Libs Dems have been the first party to call for tax cuts for those who need them most. You can read our plans in detail at

Tax cuts now!