Swine Flu update


Following the launch of the National Pandemic Flu Service, Birmingham Liberal Democrats are helping to promote information about the service. "I know that many people are concerned about swine flu," said Cllr Ann Holtom. "But it is important to remember that swine flu has been mild so far and that most people recover within a week."

The National Pandemic Flu Service was launched on 23 July 2009. You can find out more information by visiting www.pandemicflu.direct.gov.uk or telephoning the Swine Flu Information Line on 0800 1 513 513.

If you think that you have symptoms of swine flu, such as a high temperature or other flu symptoms, you should contact the National Pandemic Flu Service on 0800 1 513 100 or visit www.pandemicflu.direct.gov.uk. The service will direct you to your GP if necessary.

Patients in a high risk group are advised to contact their surgery to speak to a GP, which includes those who:

have an underlying health condition;

are pregnant;

have a sick child under one year of age;

suddenly get much worse; or

continue to feel unwell after 7 days (5 day for a child).

The website also provides information about local anti-viral collection points if people do have swine flu. Anti-viral medication can only collected if an authorisation code has been issued. No prescription charges will be made.