Special Conference on the new government to be held at the NEC on Sunday 16 May - open to all Lib Dem members


The Liberal Democrats' special conference, which will be held at the National Exhibition Centre near Birmingham, is now open to all party members. Every party member has the right to attend conference and participate in the debate.

On Tuesday 11th May the Liberal Democrat Federal Executive and Parliamentary Party approved the coalition agreement negotiated with the Conservative Party. Both bodies endorsed it by more than a three-quarters majority. The provisions of the 'triple lock' procedure approved by conference in 1998 have therefore been satisfied. Nevertheless, the Federal Executive believes it appropriate to consult the party's membership on this important matter and has therefore called a special conference to enable the party to debate the coalition agreement reached between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Party. You can see the text of the motion and find out more about the conference at:


The motion endorsing the agreement - though not the agreement itself - is open to amendment. The deadline for submission of amendments is 12 noon on Saturday 15 May. The amendments selected for debate by the Federal Conference Committee will be published late on Saturday 15th May.

To register for conference you must be a member of the party member and this will confer the right to attend conference and participate in the debate (though of course only voting conference reps will have the right to vote on the motion).

You can register now via the special conference website. The website also contains the agenda for the conference, including the motion endorsing the coalition agreement, together with the full text of the agreement itself. Go to: http://www.libdems.org.uk/special_conference.aspx