Speaking Out Against Hate Crime

Hate crime

Liberal Democrat Councillor Ann Holtom is lending her full support to a major new campaign against hate crime in Birmingham. The campaign, launched by the Safer Birmingham crimefighting Partnership, aims to raise awareness about religious and homophobic crime and encourage victims not to "put up" with it.

As a party, the Liberal Democrats take a tough stance on hate crime, which includes discrimination against people because of their gender, age, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability.

The Safer Birmingham Partnership, which includes the police, probation officers, health trusts and the Council, hopes the campaign will leave a lasting impression with the Birmingham public. Some large posters are already visible around the city, with the line "Birmingham is proud of its diversity - we'd like to keep it that way."

Councillor Holtom, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Birmingham Erdington said, "Hate crime can have a significant impact on people's lives - physically and emotionally. A hate crime is a personal violation but hate crimes are not only crimes against the targeted victim, but also against a particular group as a whole. Hate crimes are attacks on communities. "

"Hate crimes can damage a victim's health and well-being, and can affect their outlook on life. Most types of crime are reducing in Birmingham and we want to see hate crime falling too".