Shock as 68 bus service is axed - Lib Dem councillor acts

No 68 bus

Concerned residents in Pype Hayes are demanding that National Express change their minds regarding the withdrawal of the 68 bus service which they plan to withdraw from 29th August. Cllr Ann Holtom who represents Pype Hayes residents within Tyburn Ward said: "The withdrawal of this essential route will be a bitter blow for Pype Hayes residents who will lose direct bus services to the Fort Retail Park, Erdington, Sutton Coldfield, Good Hope Hospital and ASDA at Minworth".

Cllr Holtom added: "People will now have to use two buses when previously only one easy to access route was necessary. I am appalled that the route was axed without any consultation with the local community and service users. This is simply not an acceptable way to proceed with a customer led service."

Cllr Holtom has organised a petition calling for the 68 bus to be reinstated. The petition has attracted hundred's of signatures in just a few days. Cllr Holtom said: "This clearly demonstrates that the 68 is a popular & well used service that should be maintained allowing local residents to access these essential local facilities".