Robert's Green message for New Hall


Robert Hardware, the Liberal Democrat candidate in the New Hall by-election, has welcomed the news that since 2004, when the Lib Dems gained responsibility for running Birmingham City Council with 'Progressive Partnership' the city has been designated one of the best run local authorities in the UK by the National Audit Office. Robert is particularly keen to share the good news on green issues.

The city has doubled its recycling record and is still improving. And we are on track to cut CO2 emissions by 60%.

Robert said: "A healthy natural environment is crucial not only to our quality of life but also to the sustainability of life on the planet. Liberal Democrats recognise that the threat to biodiversity and the depletion of our natural resources are as great a threat as climate change. Changing the world for good starts locally and the city council record is a firm foundation for future progress."

After years of Labour neglect and complacency, the Lib Dems have helped turn Birmingham from a failing administration into a independently assessed success. It would be criminal to go back to those old ways.