Robert Hardware congratulates great Lib Dem election winner in Bedford - Labour shattered


Robert Hardware has joined those sending their congratulations to Dave Hodgson, the successful candidate in the Mayoral election which has just taken place in Bedford. He has also welcomed the news that the Lib Dems have gained yet another by-election victory in the West Midlands region, taking a seat from Labour in the Heath Hayes East and Wimblebury Ward of Cannock District Council where Chris Collins put up the Lib Dem vote by 8% and the Conservative share of the poll fell by 11%.

The Bedford Mayoral by-election was caused by the sad death of the former Independent mayor Frank Branston. Labour's hopes in the town were crushed as they could only come in 5th place on the first round of voting in a seat where they hold the MP. Tory hopes that they would inherit the failing Labour vote were badly misplaced.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, has expressed his congratulations saying:

"This is a sensational victory for Dave Hodgson and I congratulate him and the Bedford Liberal Democrats for an outstanding campaign.

"By electing Dave Hodgson as Mayor the people of Bedford have put their trust in the Liberal Democrats to work hard on their behalf."