Road Safety issues on Castle Vale - residents speak out

Pedestrian crossing

Cllr Ann Holtom has been listening to Castle Vale residents' concerns about road safety. Cllr Holtom recently carried out a road safety survey across the whole of Castle Vale and has said she would like to thank all the Vale residents who replied to the survey. Cllr Hotom said she was impressed with the detailed and constructive ideas and suggestions residents had regarding road safety.

Initial indications from the survey show that:

  • 80% of respondents believe that road safety on the Vale has deteriorated in the last 5 years
  • 97% believed that vehicles travel too fast on roads in Castle Vale

Cllr Holtom is currently collating & analysing resident's replies before arranging a meeting with the Cabinet member responsible for road safety issues to discuss how residents' ideas and suggestions can be implemented.

Cllr Holtom said: "In the light of recent tragic events and the answers to the survey, it is quite clear that urgent action is required to prevent further pedestrian accidents on Caste Vale."