Residents fear pools and leisure centres are under threat from Labour 'vision'

Ann and Trevor Holtom at Castle Pool

Since the announcement by Birmingham Labour leader, Sir Albert Bore, of his "vision" for leisure facilities in the city, residents on Castle Vale and across Tyburn Ward have been contacting Liberal Democrat campaigner Ann Holtom for reassurance that Castle Pool and Erdington Leisure Centre aren't under threat. Labour has warned that baths may have to be closed or privatised.

In a statement Ann Holtom said: "Although Sir Albert has said one of his key priorities is to promote health, it is my understanding that BeActive public health money is to be targeted. How short-sighted is that? As to privatisation, the shocking collapse of the roof of the LA Fitness pool in Gravelly Lane which recently injured four people does not give confidence if Labour go ahead with a privatisation programme."

"The decisions are to be passed down to district committees but ours is dominated by Labour so if there is a general strategy to close or privatise you can be sure this will go through. Meanwhile, I will continue to campaign with local residents to promote healthy leisure activities and keep our local facilities open and safe."