Removing big money from politics – Lib Dems say “yes”, guess who says “no”?

Reform of party funding was a popular issue before the last election. All three main political parties had it in their manifestoes and thanks to Liberal Democrat pressure it appeared in the Coalition Agreement. Local Liberal Democrat campaigner Ann Holtom has said she is disappointed to learn that, while the Lib Dems wanted to press ahead on this reform to help restore public faith in politics, the other political parties have not been able to reach agreement and there won't be changes to party funding this side of the next general election.

Despite all their talk, the Tories won't say goodbye to big donations from industry and business and Labour won't say goodbye to big donations from the Trade Unions. Ann Holtom said: "Once again Conservative and Labour vested interests win out over the public's desire to see a fairer system in the way politics is run."