Positive action to reduce youth unemployment - Lib Dems propose new initiative

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Action is urgently required to give hope to the one in three young people in Tyburn who are currently without work. That is the uncompromising message from a leading local Liberal Democrat. In a statement, Cllr Ann Holtom has said that it is simply not acceptable that we currently have 387 18-24 years olds without work in Castle Vale, Pype Hayes, Birches Green & Erdington Hall areas.

Cllr Holtom said: "Tyburn Ward has the third highest youth unemployment rate in the City which is only surpassed by higher levels in Aston & Washwood Heath."

"We urgently need to give hope to local young people, their parents & families that they can demonstrate to an employer that they have the necessary employment skills."

"The recession may still be with us and jobs may be difficult to obtain but it is essential that young people are offered the opportunity to demonstrate to an employer that they can be valuable asset to a prospective employer."

A new policy to tackle high levels of youth unemployment that could be implemented immediately has been proposed by the Liberal Democrats. The move would be to create internships where young people are paid by the Government to undertake work experience for a period of six months with an employer.

The "internship" would allow the person to:

• Develop work skills

• Prove to an employer their employability skills

• Develop their CV via the internship

The internship plan as suggested by Liberal Democrats would be a stepping stone to a job based on practical experience with an employer. It would also add to a persons CV and would be supported by a reference from the employer as an independent observer.

Internships also answers the age old problem which is often quoted by young people of "how can I get a job if I've got no experience" and "how can I provide a reference if I've never worked".

Cllr Holtom urged the Government to listen to Lib Dem suggestions on the best ways to tackle youth unemployment; otherwise they will be responsible for creating another lost generation like the one they inherited from the last Conservative Government.

The time to act is NOW - putting it off will be too late.