Poll boost for Lib Dems in Midlands


The Liberal Democrats have been boosted by two recent results in local government by- elections in the Midlands region ahead of next Thursday's council elections here in Birmingham.

On 24 April in nearby Hinckley and Bosworth, the Liberal Democrats held on to their council seat at Hinckley Castle, easily seeing off the challenge of the far-right BNP by over 500 votes. This was also a poor result for Labour who decided to fight this ward this time after not putting up a candidate the last time the seat was contested. Labour came bottom of the poll with just 8% of the votes.

This result follows another Lib Dem win and another poor performance by Labour on 10 April in the East Midlands seat of Holmewood & Heath in North East Derbyshire. Here the successful Liberal Democrat took the seat from Labour in a ward where Labour had previously been so solid that they had been returned unopposed - that is no other party being willing to stand against them - at the last elections there in 2007.

These results show that things are looking grim for Labour in the Midlands, while giving no special hope to the Tories. This reinforces the position here in Tyburn Ward where support for Labour is draining away and voters are switching from the Tories who (despite what they say in their misleading surveys) came third behind the Liberal Democrats in the last election in Tyburn in 2007.