Poll boost for Lib Dems as they overtake Labour and win support from the Tories in national opinion poll


An opinion poll carried out by Ipsos MORI between 25-27 September among 1,003 British adults aged 18 and over, shows the Conservatives have lost support to the Liberal Democrats, with the Tories on 36%, Labour on 24% and the Liberal Democrats on 25%. The percentage of those indicating they were 'certain to vote' for the Conservatives had fallen in comparison to those 'certain to vote' for the Lib Dems.

The news that Labour have slipped behind the Liberal Democrats is disastrous news for the party as they meet for their conference in Brighton.

Another key finding of the poll is that Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is seen as the most honest of the three main party leaders. Nick Clegg's personal satisfaction rating has also risen, showing that more people believe he is doing an effective job as leader.

This good polling news for the Liberal Democrats comes as voters are preparing to go to the polls in the local by-election in Sutton New Hall Ward.