Pensioners miss out on Cold Weather payments

Old in the cold

Almost four thousand pensioners in Erdington constituency are possibly missing out on cold weather payments which have been triggered by the recent low temperatures, according to research carried out by Tyburn councillor and Erdington Parliamentary candidate Cllr Ann Holtom.

Cold weather payments of £25 per week are paid to people on low incomes who receive a qualifying benefit such as Pension Credit.

"Not all eligible pensioners make a claim for pension credit and therefore they will not be receiving a much needed £25 per week cold weather payment"

"Fuel prices are at an all time high making Cold Weather payments all the more important if pensioners on low & fixed incomes are to heat their homes during this cold spell, knowing that they will be able to pay the fuel bill when it arrives".

Cllr Holtom is urging pensioners to make a claim for pension credit so that they can take advantage of the additional payments in the future".

She is also urging the government to make it easier for pensioners to claim pension credit, highlighting that it is not easy for many pensioners to complete a 24 page detailed claim form.