Pension increase of 34p per day will not cover pensioner inflation - Cllr Ann Holtom


Cllr Ann Holtom, Tyburn Ward's Liberal Democrat representative has spoken out at the government's inadequate response to the cost of living for those on state pensions.

Ann said: "The £2.40 increase in the basic state pension which is due next April is only an extra 34p a day and will not cover the inflation rate for most pensioners who face the double whammy of mounting food and fuel costs and other essential bills.

The state pension has been pegged to prices for 30 years and is now pitifully low. Earnings have risen at a higher rate than inflation in the last thirty years and there is an urgent need is to restore the earnings link now, to give pensioners a fairer deal and more money in their pockets.

Many struggling families will view the threat of a benefit freeze with dread. Spreading a meagre allowance even further is going to make life even more miserable next Autumn.

This increase of 34p per day will not enable pensioners by buy a pint of milk let alone a meal. It really is time that Government provided a decent pension for all pensioners."