No going back to Labour’s 10p tax scandal – Ann Holtom says “I’m backing Fairer Taxes”

Talking to Liberal Democrats in Tyburn Ward after the party's spring conference in Brighton, local campaigner Ann Holtom asked: "Do you remember when Gordon Brown was prime minister? Happily it seems a long time ago but one thing Brown and the Labour Party did has stuck in my memory - the abolition of the 10p rate which raised taxes for the lowest paid. Labour always claims to stand up for the low paid but they should be judged by what they do, not what they say. Where were the Labour councillors for Tyburn Ward when Brown imposed this tax hike on the low paid? Speaking out against a tax rise for the most vulnerable in their area or loyally keeping quiet and towing the party line?

Compare Labour's putting up tax for the low paid with what the Liberal Democrats have done in government. Even though we are the junior partner in the coalition, we have taken two million low paid workers out of tax entirely.

In opposition the Liberal Democrats proposed a Mansion Tax on homes worth over £2 million. This aims to put right the unfairness whereby most family homes cost the same in council tax as multi-million pound mansions. This tax will affect only half a percent of all UK properties but would bring in about £2 billion a year. Labour are playing politics in Parliament now but they refused to support the Mansion Tax when they could have introduced it in government. I think most people agree that if you are super-rich with a house worth more than £2 million you can afford a little bit more to help make society fairer for everybody. Labour didn't think so then and the Conservatives don't now. The Liberal Democrats thought up the Mansion Tax and we will continue to champion it. The Liberal Democrats are the only party working to deliver a stronger economy and a fairer society."