Nick Clegg launches the Lib Dems economic recovery plan

Nick Clegg

The economic crisis means everyone's worried about the future, and many are struggling to get by from day to day. The banks have been bailed out. Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats believe it's time for action now to help people and their families through these tough times.

Liberal Democrats are determined to help people. We've put together a simple action plan that will really make a difference, putting money in your pocket, cutting unfair bills, and keeping people safe in their homes.

While Labour and the Conservatives just argue about who is to blame, Liberal Democrats are focused on practical help for people and families. There are four urgent changes we're calling for:

1. Cutting taxes for struggling families so you've got more money in your pocket. The Liberal Democrats will cut taxes for people on low and middle incomes, raising them for the richest so the tax cuts are affordable.

2. Lowering energy bills so you can afford to keep warm this winter. As wholesale fuel prices fall - they have dropped 28% since August - utility companies must lower people's bills too.

3. Keeping people in their homes, so you don't need to fear unfair repossessions. We must ensure that banks only ever repossess people's homes as a last resort.

4. Lower mortgage payments and cheaper business loans through big interest rate cuts. People and businesses need help paying off their mortgages and loans, so we need substantially lower interest rates.

This package of measures would make a real difference to people's everyday lives. You can read more details at - or you can click on the Read Our Recovery Plan icon on the right toolbar on the home page.

We need to win the fight for action to help families. Nick Clegg takes on Gordon Brown on these issues every week: but we need your help. To really represent everyone, it's crucial that Nick understands exactly how people's lives are being affected across the country. So please, get in touch with us with your stories about the credit crunch in your family, and your locality.