More support urgently needed for debt & benefit advice - Lib Dem action


Local Councillor Ann Holtom has called for additional debt & benefit advice to be provided for Castle Vale and Tyburn Ward residents. Following the closure of the Citizens Advice Bureau's advice "shop" at the Sanctuary last year, she believes that there is an urgent need for this essential service to be provided using funding from Constituency budgets.

"With the downturn in the economy and increasing levels of unemployment and debt there is a urgent need for the Council to offer an increased level of debt and benefit advice to ensure that all residents have an opportunity to maximise their entitlement to benefits and manage their debts effectively".

Cllr Holtom has suggested to the Constituency office that funding is made available from balances in this year's Community Chest budget. If this is not possible a new allocation of funding will be available from April 1st.

"The money is there to provide debt and benefit advice to the increasing number of people who require such a service. I hope that the other Ward Councillors will support my initiative so that we can provide support for residents on debt & benefit issues".

"Erdington Constituency can and should give debt and benefits advice a higher priority. I was impressed with the one off service that the Council provided to workers of LDV at Washwood Heath and I am requesting that resources held by Erdington Constituency can be used to provide a similar exercise."