More support for a station on Castle Vale

Ann Holtom

Liberal Democrats at their conference in Bournemouth backed a new policy document "Fasttrack Britain" which included a commitment to open new stations at Castle Vale and the Fort.

The new Vale station will be on a new line from Moor Street to Tamworth and will cut the journey time into the city centre to a mere 9 minutes. The rail link will also access thousands of employment opportunities at Hamms Hall on the even shorter journey to Coleshill Parkway.

In a statement, Liberal Democrat councillor Ann Holtom said: "A new station on the Vale now has the backing of CENTRO, the City Council, Liberal Democrats locally and nationally and most important of all, local people, who will use the new service".

"All we now need is the Government to come up with the necessary money to finance the scheme".

Cllr Holtom said she was committed to continue with her campaign to improve transport links from Castle Vale, buoyed up by the terrific support the campaign has generated.