More police and a blueprint for the NHS sets clear guidelines to cut crime and for a more effective health service - Cllr Ann Holtom.


Cllr Ann Holtom, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Birmingham Erdington has issued the following statement on policing and the NHS:

"I have been greatly encouraged that Liberal Democrats have clearly stated their position on Crime and the NHS in the lead up to the forthcoming General Election.

On crime the Lib Dems are committed to:

• providing an additional 3,000 police who will be used to patrol local streets and increase detection rates.

"When brought down to a local level this will provide an additional 156 police in the West Midlands. This increase in the number police will have an impact locally with additional police on the streets of Castle Vale, Pype Hayes, Birches Green & Erdington Hall areas of Tyburn Ward."

Liberal Democrats also wish to see:

• Elected rather than appointed police authorities

• The publication of detection & crime data at a ward level

• A review of the restrictive terms and conditions for police officers

"When only one in a hundred crimes end up in court with a conviction it is time for things to change. By getting more police on the beat and reforming the way they work is the only way to create safer streets."

"On health I would like to see the NHS reinvented for the 21st century, built from the people up, not from Whitehall down. We are the sick person of Europe. Cancer survival is below the European average, we have the worst outcomes for stroke patients in Western Europe and a baby born Tyburn will die 5 years before a baby born in a wealthier part of our City.!"

"We need to protect frontline services by more effective use of resources. This can and should be achieved by:

• Cutting NHS bureaucracy

• Changing the financial incentives to promote the prevention of ill health

• Linking GP pay to improving patients health such as giving up smoking, losing weight

• Giving easier access to GPs

• Protect NHS staff who are physically abused by patients with the introduction of fines for offenders

"Only the Liberal Democrats will fight the general election on fairness and change."