Make the difference in Tyburn, Sutton Coldfield and Erdington on 3 May

Ballot box

You deserve local councillors that work hard for your community all year round. You deserve a local council that listens and gets things done for people in your area.

And tomorrow you can make that happen with a vote for Ann Holtom in Tyburn Ward and for all your local Liberal Democrat candidates in Sutton Coldfield and Erdington wards.

Across the country, local Liberal Democrats are delivering a better deal for residents in their communities. Across Britain, your local Liberal Democrats are the ones keeping council tax low. No Lib Dem council has raised council tax this year. For the second year in a row no Lib Dem council in England has closed a single library - contrast that with more than 40 libraries closed by Labour and Tory authorities!

Liberal Democrat councils have done a good job protecting key local services unlike many Conservative and Labour run Councils.

In fact, through good financial management and by working with local communities, Liberal Democrats are opening new libraries and new community facilities.

And Liberal Democrat-led councils remain the most environmentally friendly of all.

Despite these tough times, the Liberal Democrats are making a difference on a local and national level.

From fixing potholes through to improving local recycling schemes to being the most likely to give low-paid council workers the biggest pay increases, the Liberal Democrats are getting things done for you. Locally in Ann Holtom, Tyburn residents have had one of the hardest-working councillors in Brmingham for ten years.

Please do give Ann and all your local Liberal Democrat candidates your support on Thursday.