Louise Passey should resign and fight a by-election


Liberal Democrat campaigner Jenny Wilkinson has called on Councillor Louise Passey, who was elected last May under the Independents for Sutton banner, to resign her seat and fight a by-election now she has defected to the Tory group on Sutton Town Council.

Vesey Ward resident Jenny said: "Louise Passey was elected in May on a platform which promised that Sutton could be run by residents for residents and which said "NO" to party politics. Now she has broken the trust the electors of Vesey Ward placed in her to deliver this independence by joining the Conservatives.

Cllr Passey claims that her Independents group lacks focus. But it has only been in existence on the council since May and surely it was always the point that people who were independent minded and not subject to party whips would be able to bring something fresh to local politics.

Cllr Passey should remember that she was elected because of the agreement between the political parties (except the Tories) to limit the number of candidates they were standing so as to give the Independents the best chance of election. She took advantage of that arrangement to get elected in Vesey but now tears up the agreement after only weeks on the Council for party political advantage.

Will she now have the courage of her party political convictions and stand for re-election under her true colours?