Local residents and businesses rally to Trevor's campaign

Ann and Trev

Many local residents and businesses in Erdington's Tyburn Ward have joined the campaign to elect Trevor Holtom, the Liberal Democrat candidate in Thursday's Birmingham Council elections. Endorsements have been flooding in from people all over the area in support of Trevor, the only candidate to live in the ward. So many people wanted to be seen backing Trevor, their photos have had to be spread over many pieces of his campaign literature.

Residents have said how much they like Trevor's record of helping the community. As the only candidate to live in the ward, Trevor is on hand to deal with local issues and emergencies for individual residents but he also has an impressive track record in serving the local area through community organisations. Trevor was a founding member of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme, a founding member of Erdington Hall Forum, a founding member of Tyburn and Erdington Housing Liaison Board (which he currently chairs), chairman of the Pype Hayes Neighbourhood Forum as well as being involved in many other local groups.

As one resident said: "This election is about getting a councillor who will work in our local community. Trevor is the only candidate you can rely on to put Tyburn first!"