Liberal Democrats publish code of conduct for European candidates

Nick Clegg

Are you fed up with reading more and more stories about Euro MPs and the scandal of their expenses? Two top Tories had to resign their jobs in Brussels earlier this month after they admitted channelling hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of their expenses to companies of which they or their family members were directors. And there could be more to come!

In today's Times newspaper, the Conservatives in Brussels were warning of a "timebomb" of further damaging disclosures about their expenses when they are forced to apply Westminster-style transparency.

On 10 June, the Liberal Democrats published the code of conduct that all their candidates for the 2009 European elections will be required to sign up to before being nominated. The code includes rules on the employment of assistants and the publication of allowances claimed.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Leader, Nick Clegg said:

"Recent events have highlighted how important it is for MEPs to have the full confidence of the public.

"All parties have to accept that we risk completely losing the faith of voters if we do not show that we are serious about meeting the standards they rightly expect.

"All Liberal Democrat candidates for next year's elections will not only be expected to stick to the new rules of the European Parliament, but will also be required to sign up to a code of conduct that will guarantee transparency."