Liberal Democrats back plans for strong Europe to defend British interests

EU flag

The Liberal Democrats have backed plans to put Britain in the driving seat in Europe - if we're not taking control of the agenda, it will just happen without us. Unlike Ukip and the Tories we know we cannot afford to sit on the sidelines moaning and groaning about Europe. We want to make it happen for Britain, refocusing the European Union on measures to protect the domestic security of the UK and and our global interests as well as those of our partners.

Among the measures the Liberal Democrats are supporting are:

  • Greater cooperation among member states to tackle terrorism, international crime and people trafficking.
  • Ensuring energy security and effective action on climate change by increasing the EU's carbon reduction target and developing a common EU energy policy.
  • Eliminating obstacles to cross-border economic activity within Europe.

But we also say that the EU needs to do more to put its own house in order to focus better on its core objectives and realise its full potential.

You can read the full details of the strategy "Shaping Our World Through a Strong Europe" on the Lib Dems national website by following this link:;show

Liz LynneYou can follow the work of West Midlands Liberal Democrat MEP, Liz Lynne by clicking on the link to her website on the main navigation menu on the left of screen.