Lib Dems get post budget elections boost - and it's not special for the Tories

Winning here

Local council by-election results in the week following Alistair Darling's widely decried budget showed the Liberal Democrats making gains at the expense of all other parties.

In council elections held on the 23rd April, the Lib Dems gained a seat from the Tories, one from Labour and one from Independents, as well as achieving a large swing from the SNP in Scotland. The Tories held two seats but actually lost a seat to Labour.

In the Totteridge ward of Wycombe District council in Buckinghamshire Lib Dems took a seat off Labour. The result saw the Liberal Democrats move from third place in 2007 to victory with over 50% of the vote.

In the Inverness West ward of Highland Council in Scotland , in Danny Alexander MP's seat the party won on the first round with 60% of the vote taking the seat from an Independent. There was a 22% swing to the Liberal Democrats from the SNP and the Conservatives came a dismal 5th.

In the Aboyne, Upper Deeside and Donside ward of Aberdeenshire council the Liberal Democrats gained a from the Tories. Labour didn't even bother to field a candidate and the SNP were pushed into 4th place by an Independent.

The Lib Dems also recorded a 17% increase in our vote in the Wanstead Ward of the London Borough of Redbridge, boosting Lib Dem chances in Leyton & Wanstead at the General Election and next year's local elections in London.

In the Borough of Waverley there was a 14% increase in the Lib Dem vote, underlining former MP Sue Doughty's hopes of returning as the MP for Guildford.

Liberal Democrats in Birmingham are working hard to keep up the electoral momentum on the other parties in the forthcoming by-election for the council seat in Lozells and East Handsworth following the party's strong showing in the last election and a dismal 4.5% of the vote for the Tories.