Lib Dem Mayoral campaigner Beverley Nielsen: "The West Midlands can rival Silicon Valley".


Beverley Nielsen is not a career politician. She's a campaigner, business woman and educator. She has fought to promote our region for the past 20 years. Beverley is standing as Mayor for the West Midlands as we've been overlooked for too long.

In a statement Beverley said: "I'm demanding better. Our contribution has been overlooked. We're proud makers and manufacturers. We're creative innovators who've changed the world. We need investment not cuts. I want us to have the best public transport for all. I will appoint a Transport Commissioner so we get more than the £220 per head invested here last year - compared with £1800 in London"

"I'll make sure we build more homes - of all tenures and types - for people of all ages to meet our needs.

"We're at a moment of great transformation. Now is the time to invest in our Small and Medium sized Enterprises to drive jobs. We're leading in electric vehicles, renewables, battery power. I want us to be known as 'Electric Valley' rivalling 'Silicon Valley'. We can do this. But only with a strong voice. We need to demand our fair shar and fight for our next generation. Vote for me. I will not let you down."