Lib Dem call to Boundary Commission – listen to Sutton Coldfield’s residents


The final plan to re-draw Birmingham's ward boundaries, including all those in Sutton Coldfield, has been put on hold by the Boundary Commission as they enter a further round of consultation with local people. Commenting on their decision, Jenny Wilkinson, Sutton Liberal Democrats lead candidate in the city and parish elections said:

"The Boundary Commissioners have bowed to public pressure. They have recognised that many local people across the city were up in arms about the way their communities have been dislocated in the draft proposals.

"The Liberal Democrats' submission in the last round of consultation proposed 11 councillors for Sutton Coldfield, rather than just the 10 the Boundary Commission proposed. This figure has a lot of local support and better reflects the way the town is expected to grow.

"We therefore welcome the Boundary Commission's decision to think again and call on them to listen to the people who live in Sutton Coldfield, agree the Lib Dem proposal and give us the representation we deserve."