Labour U-turn on recycling raises queries about Wheelie Bin scheme

Local Liberal Democrat campaigner Ann Holtom has strongly criticised the decision by Birmingham's Labour Cabinet not to include collection of food waste in their bid for funding from the Government's Weekly Collection Support Scheme.

Former councillor Holtom said: "As leading Birmingham Lib Dem Cllr Jerry Evans has pointed out, this is a significant U-turn by Labour and a backward step for the city on recycling as Labour had pledged to support the introduction of a food recycling scheme from 2013 as recently as April of this year.

Labour seem to have made their minds up to introduce Wheelie Bins - before a proper consultation with residents has taken place. Their consultation won't ask you if you want Wheelie Bins just what size you want! Their plans to provide households with three bins, one for household waste, a second for recyclable materials and a third for green waste has lost sight of the commitment they signed up to before taking power to introduce household collection for food waste from 2013. This means that the percentage of waste that's recycled will remain lower than expected and will put in question the achievement of Birmingham's 50% recycling target by 2020 which Labour signed up to just a few months ago.

What we are seeing is a clear U-turn, despite their previous pledge, and distinct lack of commitment to the green agenda from Labour. And an intention to push through with the introduction of Wheelie bins, even though they admit they're not suitable for every household, before even asking local residents for their views."