Labour’s plans for improving transport in Tyburn Ward – sorry, there isn’t one!

CV Train

Ann Holtom, Liberal Democrat candidate for Tyburn Ward in the local elections on 5 May, has slammed the Birmingham Labour party for ignoring residents on a range of vital transport issues. Ann has been campaigning to re-open a railway station on Castle Vale and at the Fort to improve links into Birmingham city centre. She has also taken up residents' complaints over increased aircraft noise and local road improvement schemes. The Lib Dems have also been campaigning to make the M6 toll free against the background of the recent closures of the M6 in the area.

Now the Labour party has published its manifesto for the local elections and not only does it say nothing about any of these desirable schemes, or address the issue of aircraft noise, it does not even have a section dedicated to transport at all.

Ann said: "Once again this incompetent and out of touch Labour administration fails to talk about the everyday issues which matter to Tyburn residents, like getting to work or to the shops more easily, not having their life blighted by aircraft noise, or not being stuck for hours in traffic on the motorway. They really do not deserve the support of local people on 5 May."