Labour’s Council Tax bombshell - they say you should be paying £300 more!


Hard-pressed Birmingham residents should be paying £300 extra a year on their Council Tax, according to a statement by Labour's deputy leader.

Leading Liberal Democrats hit out at the statement as "utterly irresponsible" at a time when families are struggling with their own finances. The shocking statement came after Labour rejected more than £3 million offered by the Coalition government to stop council tax from being increased.

The Labour chief, Cllr Ian Ward, accused the Lib Dems of failing to increase council tax enough. As Labour hiked council tax by 1.99% Lib Dems argued the council should take the government grant and put more spending power in the hands of local families.

Liberal Democrat campaigner and Tyburn Ward candidate Ann Holtom said: "These are hard times for Birmingham residents. Yes, the council has a tough job balancing its books but the reality is that Labour is making a rotten job of it and all this after Labour promised not to increase Council Tax before it got elected last time."