Labour councillors found out in Wheelie Bin claims

Labour councillors in Tyburn Ward have been found guilty of playing with the truth when it comes to the information they have supplied to local residents about Wheelie Bins. They know that the introduction of Wheelie Bins is not proving popular and that people are worried they will be unsightly and difficult to move about - especially if you live in a terraced house or a flat. So, as they always do when they can't think of a proper response, they blamed the Coalition government for "making" them introduce Wheelie Bins.

Now, in response to Liberal Democrat questioning on Birmingham Council, the Cabinet member responsible for making Birmingham a Green, Safe and Smart city, Cllr James McKay, (Labour, Harborne Ward) has been forced to admit that the introduction Wheelie Bins to Birmingham was a decision made wholly and independently by the current Labour administration. Despite the Tyburn councillors' claims, they weren't forced to do this by the government.

What else have Labour told you that bends the truth?