Jenny Wilkinson - Campaigning for Sutton Coldfield

Jenny was born and brought up in Sutton Coldfield and is now raising her own three young boys in the town. Far from being a career politician, she only joined the Liberal Democrats in 2015, after the general election, due to her desire to make a difference and fight against the recent attacks on liberal values.

Jenny actively campaigned to remain in the EU and is now standing against a hard Brexit, anxious about the damage it may do to our economy and the consequent impact on our ability to fund our NHS, schools and public services.

As a parent and governor of a local infant school, Jenny is passionate about education and is concerned about cuts to school funding. She is interested in environmental issues and would like to see greater promotion and use of the wonderful natural resource we have on our doorstep with Sutton Park. She believes in the importance of encouraging local residents, particularly young people, to be engaged in and involved in their communities and is currently playing a leading role in the campaign to save Sutton Coldfield town centre library.

Outside of politics, Jenny has a business background, working since 2000 as a Forensic Accountant, striving to combat fraud and corruption. With this background, honesty, integrity and accountability are extremely important to her and she wants to bring trust back into politics.

Jenny says "For me, being involved in politics is all about helping people make the changes that are needed to improve their lives. I'm devastated by the damage being done to our country by the current government, so I'm fighting for the Liberal Democrat values of freedom, fairness and equality, working to support our community and to keep our country open, tolerant and united."

Visit Jenny's website at to find out more about her background and policies.

To get in touch with Jenny, email, or call 0777 616 0697.